I've indexed a vast majority of the files from top 4K pypi packages to this system, and here are the results about __version__ usage on argparse, cgi, csv, decimal, imaplib, ipaddress, optparse, pickle, platform, re, smtpd, socketserver, tabnanny (result of an quick grep)


The pickle in the last example looks like a result of import cloudpickle as pickle, so we are safe to eliminate that.

Here is the query if you want to try by yourself on different parameters: https://search.tree.science/?query=Attribute%28Name%28%27argparse%27%7C%27cgi%27%7C%27csv%27%7C%27decimal%27%7C%27imaplib%27%7C%27ipaddress%27%7C%27optparse%27%7C%27platform%27%7C%27pickle%27%7C%27re%27%7C%27smtpd%27%7C%27socketserver%27%7C%27tabnanny%27%29%2C+%22__version__%22%29
On 14.10.2020 21:23, Neil Schemenauer wrote:
On 2020-10-14, Serhiy Storchaka wrote:
I propose to remove __version__ in all stdlib modules. Are there any
I agree that these kinds of meta attributes are not useful and it
would be nice to clean them up.  However, IMHO, maybe the cleanup is
not worth breaking Python programs.  We could remove them from the
documentation, add comments (or deprecation warnings) telling people
not to use them.

I think it would be okay to remove them if we could show that the
top N PyPI packages don't use these attributes or at least very few
of them do.  As someone who regularly tests alpha releases, I've
found it quite painful to do since nearly every release is breaking
3rd party packages that my code depends on.  I feel we should try
hard to avoid breaking things unless there is a strong reason and
there is no easy way to provide backwards compatibility.
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