def whereis(point):
    match point:
        case MovingPoint(0, 0):
        case MovingPoint(0, y):
        case MovingPoint(x, 0):
        case MovingPoint(1, 1):
            print("Diagonal at units")
        case MovingPoint():
            print("Somewhere else")
        case _:
            print("Not a point")

What is the expected/intended behavior or this kind of point.  Both "What matches?" and "What is the value of point.x and point.y afterwards?"
class MovingPoint:
    def __init__(self, x, y):
        self._x = x
        self._y = y

    def x(self):
        x = self._x
        self._x +=1
        return x

    def y(self):
        y = self._y
        self._y += 1
        return y

point = MovingPoint(0, 0)

The dead increasingly dominate and strangle both the living and the
not-yet born.  Vampiric capital and undead corporate persons abuse
the lives and control the thoughts of homo faber. Ideas, once born,
become abortifacients against new conceptions.