On Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 7:51 PM, Michael Foord <michael@voidspace.org.uk> wrote:
Hello all,

PyCon, and the Python Language Summit, is nearly upon us. We have a good number of people confirmed to attend. If you are intending to come to the language summit but haven't let me know please do so.

The agenda of topics for discussion so far includes the following:

* A report on pypy status - Maciej and Armin
* Jython and IronPython status reports - Dino / Frank
* Packaging (Doug Hellmann and Monty Taylor at least)
* Cleaning up interpreter initialisation (both in hopes of finding areas
  to rationalise and hence speed things up, as well as making things
  more embedding friendly). Nick Coghlan
* Adding new async capabilities to the standard library (Guido)
* cffi and the standard library - Maciej
* flufl.enum and the standard library - Barry Warsaw
* The argument clinic - Larry Hastings

If you have other items you'd like to discuss please let me know and I can add them to the agenda.

I won't be able to visit, so this PyCon promises to be all good nice and relaxing for everybody. =)
But here is some things that can spice up the meeting in case it becomes boring.

* poor introspection capabilities
  * if you pause the code - what kind of data you'd like to be available?
  * magical locals() dict that breaks the rules
  * execution frames that lose information present in original source
    (such as function vs method and probably others)
  * as an exercise - try to build a scroller for a running Python script
    * it is impossible for Python 2 and probably for Python 3 as well

* visibility issues with language development
  * physically split the information flow about work being done on interpreter and stdlib
  * split the information about stdlib development by modules
    * describe modules composing in stdlib in formal way
  * build a roadmap by module (join personal wishlist from involved people)
  * external people can not join teams dedicated only to several modules people are interested in

* IPython and PyPy as a distraction for people who could improve core language and stdlib here

* security by obscurity in legal position of PSF towards contributors
   and why PSF doesn't comply the 4. Redistribution clause from Apache 2.0 license

* how to get more pictures and less text for reference, especially for internals
* user story approach for writing PEPs

Can only wish to have a constructive PyCon with great results.
anatoly t.