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On 01.01.2021 11:58, hadi esmaeely wrote:
hi my name is hadi
i'm from iran (the country which filtering others and  be filtered by others)
i have started programming with python about 3 months and i'm very interested in learning programming and python language but duo to limitations of technologies and filtering the learning sources in my country i can not find proper source for learning programming(we can use vpn for some of websites but not effective enough). Because of that I must learn and  work in another country (In my country, programmers are not valued). I am very interested in learning and immigrating to the Netherlands(my dream country) for work and to meet with you and other great programmers. But I don't know where to begin and how I can learn programming and python language in the right way without wasting time.
I have studied 10 hours a day but I cannot conclude results.
i have read this books and articles:
beginning python from novice to professional
django 3 by example antonio mele
django for apis william s vincent
django for professionals
django web development with python - packt
fluent python
head first python
practical python design patterns apress(currently reading)
python in a nutshell(currently reading)
the self taught programmer
python 3 for absolute beginners
some django official documents
some python official documents
but i don't know how to use my learnings from books
If you help me to know how I can study in the right way ,I will appreciate you for my whole life
thank you and happy new year :)

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