Hi all, 

On Feb 27, 2016, at 14:21, Alexander Walters <tritium-list@sdamon.com> wrote:

Can we even ask github to pull it down and reasonably expect them to comply?  Their entire model is built on everyone forking everyone else.

Why the model is everyone forking, some of the help page of GitHub actually tell you to contact GitHub support, like if you desire to "detach" a fork. 

Every reasonable requests I made to GitHub and the few interactions I had with the support always went well. 
This did include asking GitHub to contact user as their pages were confusing, and might be misleading others.

So I would suggest 

1) asking GitHub to contact author, potentially forwarding him/her a message from this list asking him/her to bring that down or transfer the control to you.
That should be easy to do as it will not force GitHub to provide anyone with the emails of the the owner of python-git.

2) in the case of no response from author ask politely GitHub that the repo is confusing for user, and ask what they can do about that.

3) If still nothing can be done make a DMCA request. You can likely argue that the logo/name are used without PSF content. 

This would likely have more impact if sent from someone part of https://github.com/python