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> > Or
> > maybe we have to accept that some developers have sound reasons for
> > not hosting on PyPI and work with them to find an acceptable
> > compromise? Has anyone checked what Stefan's reasons are for not
> > hosting cdecimal on PyPI? Do they represent a use case that the PEP
> > hasn't considered?
> If I recall correctly his reasoning is that he finds the legal requirements
> associated with uploading to PyPI to be unsatisfactory.

I actually need to follow up on that, because the terms *were* legally questionable last time I looked (also too hard to review, since as far as I am aware, they're only presented during new user sign-up).

I'll deal with that at work today.

Iím pretty sure VanL wrote the terms and has explicitly said they wonít change and are exactly as broad as they need to be without being any broader[1]. They are linked to from the footer of every UI centric PyPI page.

[1] https://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-legal-sig/2013-March/000003.html

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