On 22 February 2014 02:03, Chris Angelico <rosuav@gmail.com> wrote:
Oops, hit the wrong key and sent that half-written.

... and simply require that the statement form be used. But the
whelming opinion of python-dev seems to be in favour of the parens
anyway, and since they give us the possibility of future expansion
effectively for free, I've gone that way. Parens are now required; the
syntax is:

value = (expr except Exception: default)

Let me add my congratulations on a fine PEP.

I think it's much more readable with the parens (doesn't look as much like there's a missing newline). I'd also strongly argue for permanently disallowing multiple exceptions - as you said, this is intended to be a simple, readable syntax.

Even with the parens, I share the bad gut feeling others are having with the colon in the syntax. I also don't think "then" is a good fit (even if it didn't add a keyword).

Unfortunately, I can't come up with anything better ...

Tim Delaney