Reposted for reference what originally only went to Vinay.

Wiadomość napisana przez Vinay Sajip w dniu 2010-12-05, o godz. 12:36:

I've just been notified via being added to the nosy list of

about the deprecation of ConfigParser for 3.2. I presume I was added to this
list because logging.config uses ConfigParser, but logging.config doesn't use
any interpolation features so I could easily change all usages to
SafeConfigParser; should I do it now (before the 3.2 beta is cut) or hold off
for now?

Hold off, just like distutils2 etc. :) I finished the deprecation patch too late and so #10627 was created literally hours (if not minutes) before the freeze. Sorry for that.

On a related note, if you're sure logging users don't use any interpolation, you can also use SafeConfigParser(interpolation=None) so then all values become raw by default (e.g. people can use Python string formatting directives, % signs etc.). We can discuss this later on  when the time comes for that.

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