I am in the process of implementing a number of often requested features and proposed patches in the subprocess module for my Google Summer of Code 2009 project. For information on my progress, check out my blog located at http://subdev.blogspot.com/. Any comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

> Just my 0.02 cents, but struggling with all warts of 2.5 subprocessing
> in Windows I would vote for more time for stabilizating things - not
> adding new features. Long awaited subprocess as replacement for
> os.popen() AFAIK is still incapable to asynchronously communicate with
> spawned processes on Windows. I would call this feature as critical
> even on 2.6  As a release testcase - try porting pyexpect module to
> this platform. Absence of native curses/console/readline module also
> makes Python one-way unix shell language while many users expect it to
> be crossplatform.

I am not quite sure whether you are for new features or not. Your
first sentence ("vote for ... not adding new features") seems to
suggest that you would not like to see new features, and your last
sentence ("absence of native curses/console/readline module")
suggests that you *do* want to see new features (namely, a native
curses module, and a native readline module).

Which one is it?