On 3/6/06, Jim Jewett <jimjjewett@gmail.com> wrote:
From a recent checkin --

    level = 0 if "absolute_import" in self.futures else -1

Mentally, I can't help parsing that as "level = 0" plus comments that turn out to be code that triggers backracking.

When the expressions (particularly the true case) are longer, it gets even worse.

I think that adding parentheses would help, by at least signalling that the logic is longer than just the next (single) expression.

    level = (0 if "absolute_import" in self.futures else -1)

I'm not sure, are you suggesting the grammar/parser enforces it that way, or that it should be in PEP-8?

(I still can't help but go 'yecchh' whenever I see the code. It looks like Perl's 'expr if expr' form, but it behaves quite different. Right now, removing if/else expressions still looks like the best solution, to me :-> But gauging reactions (my own and others) to the actual if-expr in use is the main reason I added those couple of lines to the compiler package.)

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