On Tue, Feb 1, 2022 at 4:58 PM Stefan Behnel <stefan_ml@behnel.de> wrote:
I agree. Shipping the generated C sources was a very good choice as long as
CPython's C-API was very stable and getting a build time dependency safely
installed on user side was very difficult.

These days, it's the opposite way.

Exactly -- shipping the generated C source used to be the standard of practice, but with wheels (and conda) binaries are the way to go for users without a compiler.

Cython can be pip installed -- so if you have a compiler that can compile C extensions, and you have Python, then getting Cython is trivial.

I can't imagine a system with a compiler that can't pip install cython -- I suppose it's possible on an operational system, but then the user should build a wheel on a develop machine themselves.



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