Hi. I am implementing complex numbers for pypy's version of numpy.
Numpy has both 128 bit (based on 64 bit floats) and 64 bit (based on 32 bit floats) complex numbers, where afaict cmath uses strictly 128 bit complex numbers. I made sure the 128 bit numpy complex numbers in pypy pass the tests in Lib/tests/cmath_testcases.txt.
I would like to generate a similar file to cmath_testcases.txt for 64 bit complex numbers. I found the earliest commit of the file at
Can the authors of the original file help me reconstruct the scripts or programs used to generate it, and reformulate them for 32 bit floats?
Since there are more than 2000 cases, and many need rewriting, I prefer an automated method to error-prone hand coding.
By the way, the level of testing is most impressive.
Thanks for any help or tips,
Matti Picus