> Since this was copied to the Python-Dev list, I want to go on record as
> stating firmly that there is no evidence whatsoever to substantiate claims
> that there has ever been some kind of conflict between VPython and Python.

My apologies, Bruce, I didn't mean for that second message to go to
they python-dev mailing list (and sorry python-dev list... :).

> Since __future__ was also mentioned, I'll take the opportunity to say that
> I've been very impressed by the way the Python community has handled the
> difficult 2->3 transition. For example, it has been a big help to the
> educational uses of VPython that we could tell students simply to start with
> "from __future__ import division, print_function", put parens around print
> arguments, and thereby make it irrelevant whether they used Python 2 or
> Python 3. Many thanks to the Python development community!

Yes, it is/was relatively seemless *syntactically*, but it hasn't been
seemless *semanticly*.  from __future__ still does something very odd
as far as the program language definition -- it modifies the way the
interpreter interprets a syntactic construct -- a sort of
meta-linguistic construct.