I meant to exclude md5 and sha1, e.g. hash functions with known problems. SHA224 would be a weird choice but it wouldn't personally offend me otherwise. It would be fun to see how many wheel handlers support non-sha256 hash functions.

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Thank you.  I can't think of a compelling reason someone would want to choose SHA224 over SHA256 in the context of wheel generation.  It just that the PEPs are usually pretty explicit and SHA224 seemed to be implicitly excluded from RECORD files.  And I'm considering the details of making a pretty pedantic wheel generation PEP517 backend.


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> > So going back to my actual question SHA224 is disallowed in record files because it's bit length is less then 256?
> It doesn't look like it's ever been excluded. The only explicit
> exclusions are MD5 and SHA1 as you point out. Do you have a particular
> reason to want to use SHA224? Pretty much everyone is using SHA256, as
> far as I know.
> Paul

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