As I understand it, redirects to so that old links, blog posts..... that exist in the world and originally referenced python 2 will still work as they pointed to  (no version number)
* Is this correct?

At some point should stop working.
I would consider adding release numbers, i.e

All this makes me think it would be cool to have a DIFF button on document pages that would show a diff between version number. i.e. when I read a blog post about X and I follow the link in the post to doc version a.b I can see a quick diff to see how it (docs) compare to version c.d I am using.

I think should be a landing page not forwarded to current version docs. Maybe something like although I think that should be here

Vincent Davis

On Fri, Jan 31, 2014 at 5:41 AM, Rick Boyce <> wrote:
I get caught out a lot by the titles Google is showing for pages quite often too, but as far I can tell they are not related to the /dev docs.

If I Google "python builtins" the top 3 results, for me, are as follows:

2. Built-in Functions — Python v2.7.6 documentation ->
28.3. builtins — Built-in objects — Python 3.3.3 documentation ->
Built-in objects - Python 3.3.3 documentation ->

The top two are fine, but the last one is a Python 2 docs page but Google shows the title as being for 3.3. This seems to be really common when googling for python docs. 

At least the design of the two versions is different enough that you spot it immediately, but it happens often enough to be confusing all the same!


On 25 January 2014 13:47, Vincent Davis <> wrote:
When I do a google search the version numbers are mismatched with the linked page (or redirected).
For example search for "python counter" I get the following results. (see attachment)
It seems like the website is redirecting incorrectly.

Vincent Davis

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