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> > Maintainability
> > ---------------
> >
> > This policy does NOT represent a commitment by volunteer contributors to
> > actually backport network security related changes from the Python 3 series
> > to the Python 2 series. Rather, it is intended to send a clear signal to
> > potential corporate contributors that the core development team are willing
> > to review and merge corporate contributions that put this policy into
> > effect.
> As I understand, at least for smaller patches it is actually more work
> to apply a patch than than to write it. With that in mind, are there
> really sufficient volunteer resources available to review and merge
> these corporate contributions if they come? The issue tracker certainly
> does not lack issues with unreviewed and/or unapplied patches...

At least to start, this would likely be about seeking more upstream time for existing core contributors.

Beyond that, PEP 462 covers another way for corporate users to give back - if they want to build massive commercial enterprises on our software, they can help maintain and upgrade the infrastructure that makes it possible in the first place.

It's potentially worth reading some of the board candidate statements for this year, particularly mine and Van's:


The lack of paid development time for CPython compared to similarly critical projects like the Linux kernel and OpenStack is of grave concern to me personally from a volunteer burnout perspective, and it was a problem at least Van and I were already specifically wanting to address over the next year or so. Over the course of writing the PEP I realised that the situation with the Python 2 network security modules is a perfect example of the kinds of problems that the current lack of upstream engagement and investment can cause.


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