(I briefly commented also on the doc regarding this)

I’m probably misinterpreting the exact goals. I read “stable ABI for everyone” and I’m thinking “what needs to happen to stay binary compatible and working for a couple of decades at least”. If that were the goal, I think the ideas around HPy’s handles and it’s usage of a context to get access to function pointers are most important, since that will ensure that new APIs can be added and old ones removed without breaking ABI. (This is very similar to how e.g. libraries like SDL deal with the problem that distributors want to update the SDL library and have it still work with 10 year old proprietary games).


In particular, even things like slots in types need to be opaque. An optimizing runtime may want to use varying layouts for both types and objects - allowing direct access into any runtime structures prevents that. Exposed structures should not be used for any runtime objects, only as specs for construction of those runtime objects.





From: Victor Stinner
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IMO it would be better to keep the HPy design as the long term goal:

* Refer to Python objects with opaque handles
* All structures are opaque (with a few exceptions, like PyType_Spec)

It will likely take multiple iterations (Python releases) to reach
this goal, and incompatible C API changes may need a PEP (like PEP
674), but IMO it's good to keep this goal in mind.

Otherwise, it's not easy to understand the rationale for changes like
https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://peps.python.org/pep-0674/__;!!ACWV5N9M2RV99hQ!eClvPBBrluADcw7qiB1sfyVPEAyTXoolnPkf_c9MLV-1Ns5roXVSrOKLBqaRmzmIsF1a$  "PEP 674 – Disallow using macros as

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