The Steering Council just published the community update for January (covering November/December as well): (included verbatim below). We'll be trying to keep this up monthly from now on. I'll note that January was a very busy month with a lot happening, but not a lot of long-term planning. I hope we'll be able to get back to that soon.

# November

- Steering Council discussed PEP 634 (Structural Pattern Matching) and
  decided it would not make a decision on it, since this SC is on its way
  out. Instead, the SC will make a recommendation to the next Steering
  Council. Brett sent a note to the PEP authors.
- SC reviewed Ewa's proposed CPython sponsorship benefits and everyone is
  fine with it as is. We will have each SC review the benefits especially
  the benefit pertaining to meeting with the Steering Council.
- SC discussed the internship priority update to [PEP
  594]( and everyone is fine with
- SC discussed the draft response to the proposal for funded CPython
  optimisation work, and decided it was fine to send. Thomas can also
  publish his blog. Thomas will wait for Victor to chime in on the Community
  Updates before sending them out.
- SC discussed the Pattern Matching PEPs again, and put out a poll to see if there is consensus among core
- SC discussed adding platform.freedesktop_os_release()
  (, and approved it.
- SC discussed PEPs 634-636 (Structural Pattern Matching) yet again. The SC
  decided to recommended to the 2021 SC that they accept PEP 634. Brett
  [drafted an announcement](
- Google sponsored the Core Dev sprint and chose the SC chat as its reward.
  Thomas is going to schedule a chat between the SC and Google for Dec 14

# December
- Steering Council worked on a final announcement to python-dev@ about PEP
- SC voted on PEP 632 and will get Victor's vote before Brett sends a note
  to the PEP author.
- SC is fine with Barry's & Brett's response to so Brett closed the
- Barry gave an overview of the PSF, SC meeting with Seagate.
- SC discussed the elections and possible improvements that would be made to
  PEP 13 around the election timelines, staggered terms. SC also decided it
  would not have anymore meetings in 2020. Ewa will send a Doodle out for
  the first week of January once the new SC members are known for a handoff
- SC had their first sponsor meeting with Google per their Core Dev Sprint

# January

## January 7
- The Steering Council had a hand-off meeting with both Victor and Pablo,
  covering current goings on and how the SC normally operates.
- SC decided on communication platform for meetings and out of bounds
- SC discussed PEP 632, deprecating distutils.
- SC discussed PEP 634/635/636, Structural Pattern Matching, and brought
  Pablo up to date on previous discussions.
- SC discussed community updates, decided to aim for once a month. Pablo and
  Thomas will alternate duty on this.
- SC collectively and individually thanked Victor for all his work on the

## January 11
- Carol [shared the Documentation WG charter](
  and Steering Council members should review it.
- SC reviewed the Developer-in-Residence job description that is left over
  from the CZI grant application. The Steering Council decided how this role
  needs to do certain analysis and capture certain metrics to determine
  where the impact will be. Ewa will update the job description.
- SC discussed delaying the removal of ABC aliases from collections. It was
  decided it would be removed in 3.10 as scheduled. Pablo will comment on
  the issue.
- SC discussed how to handle differences between accepted PEPs and
  implementation. It was decided that any changes should be decided between
  at least two people (i.e. the author and PEP delegate). If an agreement
  cannot be reached, it should be sent to the Steering Council for review.

## January 18
- Steering Council reviewed PEP 632 (Deprecating distutils) and agreed
  distutils should be deprecated. Brett will email Barry (who was absent
  from the meeting) for his input.
- SC reviewed PEP 634 (Structural Pattern Matching) and decided that the
  major hold up is the load/store confusion. Brett will ask if Guido could
  join next week to discuss this.
- SC reviewed PEP 642 (Explicit Pattern Syntax for Pattern Matching), and
  decided to reject it. Brett will email Barry about it and Thomas will help
  draft the response to the PEP author.
- SC discussed how Debian (and thus Ubuntu) ships Python, in particular how this affects
  users and their view of Python. SC decided that the SC should explicitly
  list the issues and send them to the project leader. SC will talk about
  this again next week when Barry is back.
- SC discussed the Documentation WG. Carol will review Brett's notes from
  the Document WG charter and then will send an email to the Steering
  Council for approval.
- SC briefly discussed docs on mobile and Carol stated that a lot could be
  improved with a more modern theme.

## January 25
- Guido attended today's meeting to talk through the load/store confusion of
  PEP 634 (Structural Pattern Matching). The Steering Council has decided to
  take a week to think it over and consideration of the PEP will be at the
  top of next week's agenda.
- Thomas brought up PEP 651 and how quickly it was put up for SC consideration. It
  was decided that Pablo will email the author, asking them to discuss
  things more thoroughly on python-dev@ before asking the SC to pronounce on
- The Steering Council discussed the issue of how Debian ships Python, and
  how the gist discussion has evolved. It was decided that Thomas would
  start a draft to the gist to explain the SC point of view.
- All other items up for discussion got pushed to next week because we went
  30 minutes over.

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