On Thu, 2 Jul 2020 at 16:16, Éric Araujo <eric@netwok.org> wrote:
Le 2020-07-02 à 09 h 52, Paul Moore a écrit :
> What *is* the correct inclusive way to refer to an unidentified person
> in a technical document, without sacrificing clarity by using
> convoluted circumlocutions like "he/her/they" or over-use of the
> passive voice?

One technique is alternating genders for the imagined user or developer.
Otherwise the singular they is the easiest way.

I do not think that technique is as inclusive as we should aim to be (apologies if I get this wrong in terms of gender v.s. sex): there are those who do not self-identify as either gender or prefer another pronoun (I know some who prefer to be called "they" instead of he or she and do not identify as male or female): hence using (singular) they is simply easiest and unoffensive (in my view).