Hello folks

Along with a few students we were preparing to poke around inside the CPython sources.
Of course it would be neat if we submitted useful patches... but since I dont expect to get there so fast I thought I'd start by setting up with git which I am more familiar with than mercurial.
That resulted in some adventures... including CRLF issues.

Some suggestions on both python mentors list and the general user list did not seem to think these completely irrelevant so reporting here.

Can submit a bug-report if it looks ok


Mixed file -- both LF and CRLF (line 29 LF rest CRLF)

Lib/test/decimaltestdata is a directory with mixed up files -- ie some CRLF some LF files

PCbuild/readme.txt: CRLF (explicit)
This is fine. Many of the following should (ideally/IMHO) be likewise CRLF (not BIN)

*.sln: CRLF but marked as BIN in hgeol

Emacs shows as Dos file; But not picked up by file; maybe other such

Missing BIN pattern from .hgeol
Note that Doc/library/turtle-star.pdf exists
This is most likely a bug

Existent file-types with non-existent files in hgeol; Probably harmless

These seem straightforward CRLF files to me; why BIN in hgeol?