Sounds good, I will get patching tonight.  Any thoughts on CreateProcessW ?

Joseph Armbruster

On 6/4/07, Mark Hammond <> wrote:
> All,
> I wanted to pass this one around before opening an issue on it.
> When running the unit test for popen via rt.bat (in PCBuild8),
> I received the following error:
> === BEGIN ERROR ===
> C:\Documents and
> Settings\joe\Desktop\Development\Python\trunk\PCbuild8>rt test_popen
> Deleting .pyc/.pyo files ...
> 43 .pyc deleted, 0 .pyo deleted
> C:\Documents and
> Settings\joe\Desktop\Development\Python\trunk\PCbuild8>win32Re
> lease\python.exe -E -tt ../lib/test/ test_popen
> test_popen
> test test_popen failed -- Traceback (most recent call last):
>    File "C:\Documents and Settings\joe\Desktop\Development\Python\...

I can't reproduce this.  I expect you will find it is due to the space in
the filename of your Python directory, via cmd.exe's documented behaviour
with quote characters.  A patch that allows the test suite to work in such
an environment would be welcome, but I think you might end up needing access
to GetShortPathName() rather than CreateProcess().