I am writing on behalf of the Python Release Management team. The Steering Council has requested the RM team to schedule
and perform the necessary changes to rename the default branch from master to main.

# The changes

What follows is the technical description of the changes and the timeline. In order to keep this thread focused on this particular
aspect, if you wish to discuss anything related to the change itself, please, open a new email thread or reuse an existing one.
Notice that the renaming will automatically:

  • Re-target any open pull requests
  • Update any draft releases based on the branch
  • Move any branch protection rules that explicitly reference the old name
  • Show a notice to repository contributors, maintainers, and admins on the repository homepage with instructions to update local copies of the repository
  • Show a notice to contributors who git push to the old branch
  • Redirect web requests for the old branch name to the new branch name
  • Return a "Moved Permanently" response in API requests for the old branch name
Check this for more information.

# What you need to do?

You just need to update your local clone after the branch name changes. From the local clone of the repository on a computer,
run the following commands to update the name of the default branch.

$ git branch -m master main
$ git fetch origin
$ git branch -u origin/main main

Apart from that, you should update any local script or command that uses the name "master" to use the name "main".

Regards from windy London,
Pablo Galindo Salgado