We don't put stubs of PEPs into the repository, especially when they have not been vetted on python-ideas or some other public mailing list that is appropriate for the subject.

You also mis-capitalized PyPy in this commit.

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date:        Thu Sep 20 18:43:53 2012 -0400
  add stub for wheel spec

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diff --git a/pep-0425.txt b/pep-0425.txt
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 Other Python implementations should use `sys.implementation.name`.

-The version is `py_version_nodot`.  CPython gets away with no dot, but
-if one is needed the underscore `_` is used instead.  Pypy uses versions that
-do not track the Python language version and should probably use its own
-versions here `pp18`, `pp19`.
+The version is `py_version_nodot`.  CPython gets away with no dot,
+but if one is needed the underscore `_` is used instead.  Pypy should
+probably use its own versions here `pp18`, `pp19`.

 The version can be just the major version `2` or `3` `py2`, `py3` for
 many pure-Python distributions.
diff --git a/pep-0427.txt b/pep-0427.txt
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+PEP: 426
+Title: The Wheel Binary Package Format 1.0
+Version: $Revision$
+Last-Modified: $Date$
+Author: Daniel Holth <dholth@fastmail.fm>
+Discussions-To: Distutils SIG
+Status: Draft
+Type: Standards Track
+Content-Type: text/x-rst
+Created: 20 Sep 2012
+This PEP describes a binary format for Python called wheel.
+This document has been placed in the public domain.
+   Local Variables:
+   mode: indented-text
+   indent-tabs-mode: nil
+   sentence-end-double-space: t
+   fill-column: 70
+   End:

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