On Sep 1, 2014, at 1:01 PM, Christian Heimes <christian@python.org> wrote:

On 01.09.2014 17:35, Nick Coghlan wrote:
Oh, now I get what you mean - yes, sitecustomize already poses the same
kind of problem as the proposed sslcustomize (hence the existence of the
related command line options).

If an attacker is able to place a module like sitecustomize.py in an
import directory or any .pth file in a site-packages directory than this
Python installation is compromised. .pth files are insidious because
they are always loaded and their code is always executed. I don't see
how sslcustomize is going to make a difference here.

Right, this is the point I was trying to make. If you’ve installed a malicious
package it’s game over. There’s nothing Python can do to help you.

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