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I've already commented on the issue, but want to make a few more points here as well.

Removing Solaris support would not only impact Oracle Solaris but the open source illumos community as well.
Both systems share the "SunOS" uname for historical reasons. Removing support would be a disaster for us.

We are a small community compared to Linux, but there are illumos distributions (OpenIndiana, OmniOS, SmartOS, Tribblix, ...) that have many python users.
It's also an essential part of our tooling and package management.

I've offered to host an illumos buildbot before but it was not accepted because not all tests passed at that time.
There is active work going on to get this debugged and fixed.
If it is acceptable to skip some tests we can have the buildbot online tomorrow.

FWIW making a PR that adds platform specific test skips or expected failure decorators is a good way to start bringing up new buildbots.  It serves as effective documentation of what does and doesn't work that lives directly in the codebase, in a way that can be evolved over time as more is made to work.


On the ticket many users and developers have offered to step up, myself included.
In our IRC channel we also had some discussions yesterday and we're hoping to bring more patches upstream soon.

If there is interest in ssh access to illumos systems that is also something I can offer.

Please let us know if there is more we need to do to keep python on illumos supported.

Best regards,
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