On Sat., 23 Nov. 2019, 9:46 am Gregory P. Smith, <greg@krypto.org> wrote:

Anyways given there are workarounds to be able to continue using it in 3.8.x, this doesn't feel 3.8.1 level urgent.  It'd be good to document the workarounds and 3.8 know issue in the PEP though as a addendum.

Aye, adding a Python 3.8 porting guide entry noting that PEP 523 is now considered part of the internal API seems reasonable to me. You're so deep in interpreter internals when overriding the eval loop that needing to enable the internal API to do it at all makes sense.

It *wouldn't* make sense to me for us to add a new public API for overriding the eval loop, only to turn around and deprecate it almost immediately in favour of a JVM style debugger/profiler integration API.


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