On Tue, Jun 30, 2020, 10:38 AM Piper Thunstrom 
The actual advice in The Elements of Style are mostly inoffensive when taken on their own, and out of context. The problem is that the Elements of Style (And many works like it) are built on a system of white supremacy. The grammarian movement, in general, was built on
elevating a very specific form of English over others. It specifically was chosen to avoid "lower class" usages and things like AAVE (though that term would not exist for decades after the movement reached a furor).

I don't think this is the place for critical literary theory. I am well aware of the social history of the grammarian movement. But I'm also well aware of the "death of the author", and Roland Barthes, and Jacques Derrida, and of the essential role of active readership in giving meaning to texts like S&W.

I think the story told in the commit message is well intentioned and mostly wrong because it commits to a naive logocentrism in it's analysis. But surely this isn't the debate needed on GH logs, nor even on python-dev.

All we needed was "Removed specific style guide recommendation" ... The MLA conference is two doors down, and to the left.