Very cool, I'm glad to see that Jython's performance was competitive under most of these benchmarks. I would also be interested in joining the proposed mailing list.

re elementtree - I assume the benchmarking is usually done with cElementTree. However Jython currently lacks a Java equivalent, so importing cElementTree just uses the pure Python version. Hence the significant performance difference of approx. 40x for etree_parse and 16x for etree_iterparse.

- Jim

On Mon, Nov 16, 2015 at 1:18 PM, Brett Cannon <> wrote:
I gave the opening keynote at PyCon CA and then gave the same talk at PyData NYC on the various interpreters of Python (Jupyter notebook of my presentation can be found at; no video yet). I figured people here might find the benchmark numbers interesting so I'm sharing the link here.

I'm still hoping someday becomes a thing so I never have to spend so much time benchmarking so may Python implementations ever again and this sort of thing is just part of what we do to keep the implementation ecosystem healthy.

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