Yeah, it definitely needs it.  Historically it was intentional as my own servers were all on 8.04, but the last of those moved 12.04 last year.

I think there's already a 12.04 buildbot, so perhaps 14.04 would be better?  I do prefer sticking with an LTS.

It'll need to move to 64-bit given the hosting environment, at least for the kernel.  I could do 32-bit userspace via multiarch if keeping a 32-bit buildbot in the mix is attractive.

-- David

On Sun, Nov 23, 2014 at 10:18 PM, Benjamin Peterson <> wrote:
Hi David,
I noticed you run the "Builder x86 Ubuntu Shared" buildbot. It seems
it's running a very old version of Ubuntu. Is there any chance of
getting that updated?