Thanks to you both, I have made some progress on introducing my own keywords to python interpreter. I think it is very kind of you to answer my question. I think I can take it from here. Thanks again :)

02 Ekim 2011 05:42 tarihinde Nick Coghlan <> yazdı:
2011/10/1 "Martin v. Löwis" <>:
>> First of all, I am sincerely sorry if this is wrong mailing list to ask
>> this question. I checked out definitions of couple other mailing list,
>> and this one seemed most suitable. Here is my question:
> In principle, python-list would be more appropriate, but this really
> is a border case. So welcome!
>> Let's say I want to change a single keyword, let's say import keyword,
>> to be spelled as something else, like it's translation to my language. I
>> guess it would be more complicated than modifiying Grammar/Grammar, but
>> I can't be sure which files should get edited.
> Hmm. I also think editing Grammar/Grammar should be sufficient. Try
> restricting yourself to ASCII keywords first; this just worked fine for
> me.

For any changes where that isn't sufficient, then provides a helpful list
of additional places to check (and provides info on how it
all hangs together).

However, rather than *changing* the keywords, it would likely be
better to allow *alternate* keywords to avoid the problem Martin
mentioned with existing Python code failing to run (including the
entire standard library).


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