Hi everyone,

Now that the 3.11.0 release is finally done and I can relax a bit, I just wanted to thank you all
for your fantastic work that has made Python 3.11 such a fantastic release. No matter if you committed
code to 3.11 or opened a bug, helped with the documentation, reviewed pull requests, participated in
discussions, made a PEP or help writing one, fixed a bug or one hundred or make optimizations to the
interpreter or any other of the many ways to contribute. Your work makes a huge difference and Python
3.11 is much better because of that :)

Also, I want to especially thank all core devs and contributors that have helped me and the release team take
care of release blockers, buildbot failures, CVE patches, and any other form of release crisis. Thank you!

Finally, a huge thanks to my colleagues in the release team that make these releases possible and help to make
sure that my mistakes are not too obvious to end users :P

Being your release manager for 3.11 and 3.10 has been a privilege and an honor (and it will continue for a couple
of years of bugfixes and security releases, I'm not going anywhere).

Regards from rainy London,
Pablo Galindo Salgado