Adding my voice to those that ask for such discussions be stopped ... and, if at all possible, be snipped in the bud and prevented from occurring in the future.

More below.

On Mon, Jun 29, 2020 at 12:51 PM Ricky Teachey <> wrote:
On Mon, Jun 29, 2020 at 10:51 AM Giampaolo Rodola' <> wrote:

And what's the goal anyway? Make us all feel guilty, create yet another heated discussion, widen divisions, wait for the occasional folks who dare to speak up against this vitriol and kick them out? And then what? What is the plan here exactly? Don't you folks realize this is a technical forum?

Please, stop this.

Giampaolo -

The above response is how I feel about this. There is palpable fear right now that anyone who disagrees that these political types of discussion have a place in the professional world will be ostracized. I fear it even writing this short email. And that fear is more than warranted.

The laudable goals of inclusion in the python community, which I support, are not being served by bringing these politically motivated changes-- a perfect example of which is this latest claim that S&W, an utterly inoffensive English language standard that itself has nothing to do with white supremacy, is a "relic of white supremacy" that has been place for two (or nearly two) decades in the core python founding PEPs, etc., and the absurd claim that it is hurtful in some way to non-white people, and these sorts of claims not only going unchallenged but even in some ways encouraged at the top of the leadership-- to the fore. It is divisive, and it makes me want to not want to be a part of the community because of 1. fear that I will pay dearly if I speak up (happily I'm not a developer although I've thought about a career change, but probably I can kiss that goodbye after this email) and 2. it is extremely unpleasant to have no realm of life-- not technical/professional, not sports, not even church-- in which the American politics that permeate all of life these days (and seems to be reaching its tendrils across the water into other countries) can be put to the side.

I'm tired. Please, please think about how we can make the focus of this community be technical considerations.

One of my proudest/happiest moments as a general Python contributor was when I was nominated as a PSF Fellow in 2010.  In 2013, frustrated at similar social/political discussions taking over some Python forum, and not having the mental fortitude to speak up, I quietly asked for my status to be converted to Emeritus ( and withdrew for a few years. This time, rather than be completely silent, I feel like I must speak (for myself, and possibly for others) and ask to please stop these non-technical digressions which only bring divisions.

André Roberge



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