I missed the discussion around the PEP.  I don't mean to start another one, I'd just like a clarification.  The PEP describes the new functionality, and the interfaces, and that's all fine.  But I didn't see where it discussed where this technology would be used.

Would this mainly be used by third-party math libraries (Pandas, NumPy), like the @ operator, or is there a plan to use this in Python's own library or builtin objects?  If the latter, can you go into the specifics?  I'm guessing the typing module would use it, as illustrated by one of the examples, but beyond that I can't imagine how this would be used by e.g. dicts and lists.



On 2/2/21 3:36 AM, Stefano Borini wrote:
Hi all,

I would like to request feedback by python-dev on the current
implementation of PEP 637 - Support for indexing with keyword


The PEP is ready for SC submission and it has a prototype
implementation ready, available here (note, not reviewed, but
apparently fully functional)


(note: not sure if there's a preference for the link to be to the diff
or to the branch, let me know if you prefer I change the PEP link)

Thank you for your help.