Wiadomość napisana przez stefan brunthaler w dniu 1 lut 2012, o godz. 16:55:

And how do you know that you really got it so right that it was the last time ever
that you needed your generator for it?

I am positive that I am going to need my code generator in the future,
as I have several ideas to increase performance even more.

Hello, Stefan.
First let me thank you for your interest in improving the interpreter. We appreciate and encourage efforts to make it perform better.

But let me put this straight: as an open-source project, we are hesitant to accept changes which depend on closed software. Even if your optimization techniques would result in performance a hundred times better than what is currently achieved, we would still be wary to accept them.

Please note that this is not because of lack of trust or better yet greed for your code. We need to make sure 
that under no circumstances our codebase is in danger because something important was left out along the way.

Maintenance of generated code is yet another nuissance that should better be strongly justified.

Best regards,
Łukasz Langa
Senior Systems Architecture Engineer

IT Infrastructure Department
Grupa Allegro Sp. z o.o.