On Wed, 2021-04-14 at 22:42 +0200, Baptiste Carvello wrote:

That's assuming the syntax in the annotations doesn't diverge too much
from the Python syntax as far as brackets etc are concerned. I must say
I'm not too worried about typing. But the hypothetic "def foo(prec:
--precision int):" is already less readable. Will finding the closing
comma or colon always be obvious to the human reader?

To push the limit, let's add some default value:

def foo(prec: --precision int = 123):


def foo(prec: "--precision int" = 123):

And if a "type parameter" becomes numeric. For example:

def foo(prec: --max bar 3000 = 123):


def foo(prec: "--max bar 3000" = 123):

Now, the quotes seem even more readable as a delimiter.