Hi all,

It seems like discussion on PEP 615 has mostly petered off. The last remaining unresolved issue didn't get any comments, which was whether the module should be called "zoneinfo" or put somewhere in the "datetime" hierarchy, so I've gone ahead and moved that into "rejected ideas" in this PR.

I have been sort of hoping to get this accepted either between Sunday, April 5th - specifically between 2 AM and 4AM or 13:00 and 17:30 UTC - since those times represent ambiguous or imaginary times somewhere on earth (mostly in Australia/New Zealand/Pacific Islands), so I am planning on submitting this to the steering council as soon as possible and hoping that I've given them enough notice to look at it.

If anyone else was planning on commenting, please do head over to the discourse ASAP.


On 3/1/20 9:25 AM, Paul Ganssle wrote:


Last year at the Language Summit, I proposed to add additional concrete time zones to the standard library . After much work and much more procrastination, I now have now put together my first proposal: support for the IANA time zone database (also called tz, zoneinfo or the Olson database; Wikipedia ). Last week, I submitted it for consideration as PEP 615.

I originally posted it on the discourse last week, and advertised the discussion on some interest-group-specific fora (tz mailing list, datetime-SIG mailing list), but I think it is ready to be advertised to a wider forum, so I am posting it here for your consideration. Please direct comments to the discourse thread, so that the discussion can be as centralized as possible: https://discuss.python.org/t/3468.

Links for easy access:
PEP 615: https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0615/
Reference implementation: https://github.com/pganssle/zoneinfo
tzdata repo: https://github.com/pganssle/tzdata