On Mon, Apr 13, 2020 at 9:00 AM Steve Dower <steve.dower@python.org> wrote:
On 13Apr2020 1325, Paul Moore wrote:
> Personally, I'd say that "recommended 3rd party tools" reads as saying
> "if you want a 3rd party tool to build extensions, these are good (and
> are a lot easier than using the raw C API)". That's a lot different
> than saying "we recommend that people writing C extensions do not use
> the raw C API, but use one of these tools instead".

Yeah, that's fair. But at the same time, saying anything more strong is
an endorsement that we might have to withdraw at some point in the
future (if the project we recommend implodes, for example).

Ok, so put that in a Pros/Cons list that provides guidance as to what interface and tools to choose when writing a new extension module.  Personally, I'd put Cython (and other "big" packages, numpy, requests and such) on par with CPython itself with respect to "likely to implode and become unusable."