On 4/24/2018 8:56 PM, Tim Peters wrote:
 The alternative is typing the
sub-expression(s) of interest by hand at the debugger prompt, or
adding print()s, both of which are prone to introducing typos, or
changing results radically due to triggering side effects in the code
invoked by the duplicated sub-expression(s).  Adding a binding
construct wouldn't change anything about how the code worked (apart
from possibly clobbering a local name).
I've done both subexpression mangling (attempts at duplication) and added print statements and experienced these negative side effects, taking twice as long (or more) as intended to get the debugging information needed.

While I'm no core developer, and would have a mild appreciation of avoiding those while True: loops so was generally in favor of this PEP, but not enough to be inpsired to speak up about it, I would frequently benefit from this capability... adding extra binding names, and printing _them_ instead of the duplicated subexpressions.