The company I work for has an IBM P-690 server that is in the process of being retired. It is still a viable server, and has seen almost 0 use (it was our failover machine). Unfortunately for us, this machine has little to no resale value, and will probably be junked. I'd rather it go to a good home, and having taken advantage of the work of the python development community for a number of years (we use python extensively in system admin and database work), I saw this as an opportunity to give back a little.

So, If anyone is interested in this machine, please let me know. We are looking at perhaps a November time frame for when it will be removed from our remote site. The P690 is no small machine, it is the size of a full rack and has 32 Power4 processors in it and takes (I believe) 2 or 3 phase 220 Volt power. It weighs nearly a ton. We are running AIX5.3 on it, but I believe that the machine is capable of running a PowerPC flavor of Linux as well. This would make a great test machine for python HPC modules or as a community box where developers could test their code against a PowerPC architecture. It has lots of life left and I'd rather see it put to use then thrown away.