Am 30.05.21 um 19:08 schrieb Guido van Rossum:
Returning "self" as the iterator was originally only intended to paper over the case where you want to write

it = iter(a)
<maybe call next(it) a few times>
for x in it:

-- basically we wanted 'for x in iter(a)' and 'for x in a' to have the same meaning.

The above use case (iterator being iterable themselves) was a very good design decision. In fact, I have a blog post dating back from 2006 where I berated Java from not doing the same: To take my example from there converted to python:

class Tree:
    def depth_first() -> Iterator[...]: ...
    def breath_first() -> Iterator[...]: ...

for item in tree.depth_first(): ...

This example would not work if "iter(it)" would not return "self".

 - Sebastian