On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 6:05 PM, Neil Schemenauer <nas@arctrix.com> wrote:
   def __del__():
       print sys.version

the global variable reference to 'sys' is not a reference on the GC
referencing counting sense. IOW, it does not result in a a Py_INCREF
while the function is not being executed and therefore should be
safe after the proposed change. Currently, it could result in 'None'
being printed.

Currently it throws an exception since "sys" is None. :-)

Here is my understanding of the proposed procedure:

1. Replace modules in sys.modules with weakrefs
2. Run the garbage collector
3. Replace globals in any remaining modules with None
4. Run the garbage collector

Is it possible for a __del__ method to be called in step 4 or not?  I am still unclear on this point. :-)
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