I know PEP 646 was one of these. In our defense, we *did* notify the SC that there was a pending issue (https://github.com/python/steering-council/issues/59#issuecomment-951728233), although at the time we didn't anticipate it to become such a contentious discussion between the PEP authors. (Though, while contentious, it's still a minor edge case in the PEP, and I don't think it would affect the SC's position which way we eventually end up going.)

I'm guessing that the recommended approach in such a case is just to close the SC issue and reopen it once the PEP is updated?

On Thu, Nov 18, 2021 at 12:04 PM Brett Cannon <brett@python.org> wrote:
This is a personal plea (i.e. not coming from the SC at all), but in the last month we have had PEPs changed twice post-submission to the SC. That's a big time sink as we take multiple meetings to discuss a PEP and having things change underneath us causes us to have to re-evaluate our discussions (and I know I pretty much start thinking about PEPs once they are submitted, whether we are actively discussing them or not and I'm probably not the only SC member who does this).

I know no one did this maliciously or anything, but since it's happened twice now I just want to ask people be cognizant of this. Please reach out to the SC if you want to make a change so we can discuss whether we think it will help/hurt the PEP, etc. and we are also not taken off-guard by things shifting (assume we don't monitor the commits and PRs to the peps repo, so unless you explicitly say, "hold on", we won't realize discussions are ongoing in a PR or anything). If that means withdrawing your PEP for consideration for a while that's totally fine and it won't hurt your chances of acceptance once you're at a stable state with your PEP.

Once again, this is a personal ask and no one is mad at anyone. I'm just asking people be very clear in communicating with us when they want to make a change to a PEP or they have suddenly have an open issue they are still discussing after they open an issue in the steering-council repo for us to review a PEP and need us to stop considering their PEP for a while.
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