On Sun, Dec 9, 2012 at 7:17 AM, Gregory P. Smith <greg@krypto.org> wrote:
I'm really not sure what this PEP is trying to get at given that it contains no examples and sounds from the descriptions to be adding a complicated api on top of something that already, IMNSHO, has too much it (subprocess.Popen).

Regardless, any user can use the stdout/err/in file objects with their own code that handles them asynchronously (yes that can be painful but that is what is required for _any_ socket or pipe I/O you don't want to block on).

And how to use stdout/stderr/in asynchronously in cross-platform manner? IIUC the problem is that every read is blocking.
It sounds to me like this entire PEP could be written and released as a third party module on PyPI that offers a subprocess.Popen subclass adding some more convenient non-blocking APIs.  That's where I'd start if I were interested in this as a future feature.

I've rewritten the PEP based on how do I understand the code. I don't know how to update it and how to comply with open documentation license, so I just attach it and add PEPs list to CC. Me too has a feeling that the PEP should be stripped of additional high level API until low level functionality is well understood and accepted.

anatoly t.