I've updated PEP 581 yesterday, adding the "Downsides of GitHub" section.


Other parts of the PEP has also been updated to reflect recent changes to roundup/bpo that happened after PEP 581's acceptance, for example:

- ability to automatically close issues when a PR has been merged. This was added to bpo after PEP 581's acceptance. I've also created an issue in devguide so that this can be documented: https://github.com/python/devguide/issues/502

- Availability of REST API in Roundup/bpo. REST API has been requested in Roundup for several years, and there was no activity on it since 2016. REST API has been incorporated to Roundup in February 2019, but it is not yet incorporated to bpo.

- Availability of CI for Roundup/bpo. There is CI running on Roundup's unofficial GitHub mirror. But pull requests aren't happening there. Mercurial patches are still how you would contribute to it.

Please re-read PEP 581 in its entirety.

I plan to update PEP 588 sometime this weekend or next, to incorporate the discussions and suggestions brought up in Python Language Summit 2019:(http://pyfound.blogspot.com/2019/05/mariatta-wijaya-lets-use-github-issues.html)

Some of the items brought up during the language summit:
- we're talking with The PSF to get a professional PM to handle the migration (mentioned by steering council members).
- we should create a playground GitHub issue tracker and copy 100s of tickets from bpo to there (suggested by Barry Warsaw)
- we should be updating devguide ahead of the actual migration, so core developers and release managers have time to review and learn the new workflow. (suggested by Ned Deily)
- Devguide should have a section for "how to triage issues on GitHub" (sorry I forgot who said this, but it is in my note)
- Some people liked having screencast of "how to do X on GitHub" (similar to miss-islington's Youtube demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p85YtKKLNno). It would be good if we can do more of them. (suggested by Davin Potts)