I‘ve had no response to this yet.  Is no one using xmlrpc?

To clarify the feature:  The xmlrpc server invokes a „dispatch“ method on a dispatcher object (typcillay, just itself) to process xmlrpc requests.

The „path“ from the xmlrpc request is not provided.  By providing this path, it becomes possible to provide different behaviour for different paths.

The patch provided also includes a new dispatcher, MultipPathXMLRPCDispatcher, which will forward method to different dispatchers based on the path.

This makes it possible to multiplex many xmlrpc „servers“, each with their own request path, on a single connection.

You may, for example, have installed a server at


but find that you want your server also to handle an entirely different application domain, and can do so now by having those requests sent to





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I added http://bugs.python.org/issue6654

I also put a not to python-ideas but have had no response yet.  Any comments?

Here‘s the summary:


I've created http://codereview.appspot.com/100046 on Rietveld:
by passing the "path" component of the xmlrpc request to the dispatch 
method, itbecomes possible to dispatch differently according to this.  This patch 
providesthat addition.  
Additionally, it provides an MultiPathXMLRPCDispatcher mixin
class and a MultiPathXMLRPCServer that uses it, to have multiple dispatchers for
different paths.
This allows a single server port to serve different XMLRPC servers as
differentiated by the HTTP path.  A test is also preovided.