On Feb 27 2016, at 2:47 pm, Ian Lee <ianlee1521@gmail.com> wrote:
Perhaps the better / easier solution is to promote the *real* “Sem-official read-only mirror of the Python Mercurial repository” [1] ? And perhaps this goes away entirely (in time) with PEP-512 [2]?

We will be working to promote the github repo, once the migration and PEP-512 is complete.
Promoting semi-official repo in the interim (as opposed the active one in hg.python.org) does not seem like a good idea.

This thread about claiming ownership of look-alike repo and we could concentrate our discussion on that alone.

FWIW, that old look-alike (python-dev) repo as been in existence for years now and it has not caused any confusion. Once python moves to github, I think, we can ask for some logo or some kind of validation that will help users easily identify the originality.