On Fri, Sep 27, 2013 at 7:26 AM, "Martin v. Lwis" <martin@v.loewis.de> wrote:
Am 26.09.13 15:52, schrieb Eli Bendersky:
> * Should I always check-in Python-ast.h and Python-ast.c when I touch
> asdl* ? The generated files are unchanged, it's only the timestamp that
> changed.

If they really didn't change, I don't think it matters much. I believe
there is a fundamental problem in Mercurial which fails to get it
"right" - with the defense that one shouldn't check in generated files
in the first place.

"hg touch" is supposed to work around this limitation. So when you only
check in the generator, anybody updating should do "make touch" after
the update, which should touch the generated files even though they
didn't change.

> * Can we, in theory, use new Pythons for asdl* code, because
> Python-ast.* are, in fact, checked in so they don't have to be rebuilt
> by the bots or users?

I'd say yes. That's the point of checking in generated files, so that
users don't need to run the generator.

Thank you for the explanation, Martin.

> While we're at it, it seems that .hgtouch is wrong:
> Include/ast.h: Parser/Python.asdl Parser/asdl.py Parser/asdl_c.py
> Python/Python-ast.c: Include/ast.h
> The file Include/ast.h is not,

It may well be incorrect - feel free to fix it.

Thanks. There are a couple of things to address before we can try to actually run 'make touch' on all bots. I opened http://bugs.python.org/issue19106 to track this.