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On Tue, Jul 3, 2018 at 3:06 PM Terry Reedy <tjreedy@udel.edu> wrote:
On 7/3/2018 2:42 AM, Tim Peters wrote:

> So if we had it to do over again I'd sigh and accept "generator
> comprehensions" anyway.  It's been an eternal PITA - and especially in
> the PEP 572 threads! - to keep typing "comprehensions or generator
> expressions".  Then again, if I had the power of Guido's time machine,
> I'd go back more, and not use "comprehensions" for anything to begin
> with.

Amen.  I cannot make 'comprehension' in this context comprehensible
without some linguistic twisting.

>  Instead we'd have list, dict, set, and generator twizzlers,
> affectionately called listwiz, dictwiz, setwiz, and gentwiz by the cool
> kids :-)

I learned the set notion, such as
{n^2: n in  N; 1 <= n < 100, n even}  # math
{n*n for n in range(1,100) if not n%2}  # python
as 'set builder' notation.

If we had followed the math precedent, instead of <other computer
language>, we would have set builders, list builders, dict builders, and
generator builders.

I half seriously think we should consider this for 3.8 for the benefit
of future Python programmers as well as ourselves.  Comprehensions that
can contain assignment expressions are a slightly new thing.

Terry Jan Reedy

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