Thanks for working on this, Joshua. I agree 100% with Jelle Zijlstra in the issue tracker:

Do these really need to be builtins?

They seem too specialized to be widely useful; I've personally never needed them in any async code I've written. It would make more sense to me to put them in a module like operators.

(sorry for the weird formatting, posting from an iPad)

On Wed, Mar 17, 2021 at 21:01 Joshua Bronson <> wrote:
Dear python-dev,

New here (but not to Python). ūüĎč Brett Cannon recommended I start a thread here (thanks, Brett!).

In December, two colleagues and I submitted, "Add aiter and anext to builtins", which would fix

Would any core developers who may be reading this be willing and able to provide a code review?

We would love to try to address any review feedback before having to fix (another round of) merge conflicts. (And ideally maybe even get this landed in time for the 3.10 feature freeze in early May?)

Thanks and hope this finds you well.
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