agree for =>

but how many people use pascal eiffel etc? (go has a chance)

that's a reminder of an old, fading epoch, bland IDEs, hard-to-crunch fonts

BDL Guido once remarked in a pycon talk that today agencies would've charged you a high price to tell you what the word python might tickle in the subconscious of the common user, we should maybe write on what ":=" tickles in the mind of most programmers

Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

The fact that := will be familiar to many people (especially if they
know Go, Pascal or Eiffel etc) is a point in its favour.

The => arrow puts the arguments around the "wrong" way compared to
regular assignment:

    name = expression
    expression => name

Although personally I like that order, many people did not and I think
Guido ruled it out very early in the discussion.

Also it may be too easily confused with <= or >= or the -> syntax from